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On April 13, members of the Cognitive Development Labs attended Daffodil Day – Kids Fest at Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown. Children played spring-themed number games while parents learned more about the Labs and received fun number game packets to take home. Thanks to all the families who stopped by!


Daffodil Day

Olivia Mason and Maddy Oswald help run the Labs’ table at Daffodil Day

Family Math Night

On April 9th, members of the Cognitive Development Labs volunteered at the third annual Family Math Night at Edna C. Stevens Elementary School in Cromwell, CT. Preschool children and their families had a chance to play fun, research-based math games created by lab members and students from Dr. Shusterman’s research methods course. Thank you to all the families who attended!


Fishing for Numbers

Research Assistant Maddy Oswald plays “Fishing for Numbers” with Callie.


Group Shot

Our Volunteers

Top: Elissa Palmer, Tawni Stoop, Jess Taggart, Anna Shusterman, Max, Alison Denzer-King, Davey Bales

Bottom: Olivia Mason, Julia Vermeulen, Maddy Oswald, Maddie Kidd, Reuben

One year ago, the Cognitive Development Labs partnered with the Connecticut Science Center to create a Living Laboratory as part of an effort to bring child development research to the museum. Each weekend, undergraduate researchers from the Cognitive Development Labs visit the science center to talk about our research with families, and children can even participate in one of our studies as a part of their museum visit. The Living Laboratory has been a huge success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Connecticut Science Center!


If you are looking for something fun to do on a Saturday morning, visit the Living Laboratory at the Connecticut Science Center and participate in one of our studies!


CT Science Center February 2014

Research assistants Ziyue Li and Portia Lundie represent the Labs at the CT Science Center.

Undergraduate Jillian Roberts ’15 presented a poster coauthored with current lab coordinator Jessica Taggart at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in Boston, MA on March 15th:

Influence of minimal group membership on children’s ideas of equality – Jillian Roberts, Jessica Taggart, & Hilary Barth


EPA Poster

On October 25th, members of the Cognitive Development Labs had a wonderful time meeting local families while handing out candy and playing number games with trick-or-treaters at the Halloween Fall Festival hosted by the Middletown Parks and Recreation Department.



Research assistants Portia Lundie, Jillian Roberts, Julia Vermeulen, Rachel Warner, Maddy Oswald, and John Pacheco at the Halloween Fall Festival.

On July 19th, the Cognitive Development Labs attended the third-annual SLAC (Selective Liberal Arts Colleges) Cognitive Development mini-conference at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Faculty and research assistants from Wesleyan, Smith College, Barnard College, Williams College, and Wellesley College participated. Research assistants had the opportunity to present posters of their current projects:


Ziyue Li ’16 and Rachel Warner ’14 present their summer project, “Communicating Developmental Science in Museums: Card Sort Task and Wug Task”



photo 4

John Pacheco ’15 presents his summer project, “Navigation in Children: The Effects of Symmetry and Asymmetry on Spatial Reorientation”



photo 3

Jillian Roberts ’15 presents her ongoing project, “Influence of Minimal Group Membership on Children’s Ideas of Equality”



photo 2

Opraha Miles ’14 presents her summer project, “How Linguistic Context Affects Number Acquisition in Children”



Lab coordinator Jessica Taggart also presented “An Investigation of Numerical Estimation, Numerical Acuity, and Math Ability” from the Society for Research in Child Development conference in April.

Members and alumnae of the Cognitive Development Labs presented posters about our current research projects at the Society for Research in Cognitive Development biennial meeting in Seattle, WA. Undergraduate Emilie George ’13, lab alums Deborah Cho ’12, Julia Leonard ’11 and Michaela Swee ’12, former post-doc Emily Slusser, previous lab coordinators Talia Berkowitz and Elizabeth Chase, and current lab coordinator Jessica Taggart co-authored posters:


The effects of friendly touch on compliance in children – Julia Leonard, Talia Berkowitz, Anna Shusterman

An investigation of numerical estimation, numerical acuity, and math ability – Hilary Barth, Emilie George, Jessica Taggart

Non-symbolic multiplication, division, and inversion in young children – Koleen McCrink, Hilary Barth

The power of play: Promoting preschoolers’ social and numerical development through independent play with toys – Emily Slusser, Elizabeth Chase, Talia Berkowitz, Emilie George, Michaela Swee, Deborah Cho, Hilary Barth, Anna Shusterman

Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday?  Visit the Living Lab at the Connecticut Science Center!  The Cognitive Development Labs and the Connecticut Science Center have recently come together to engage visitors in child development research. Beginning in March, researchers from the Cognitive Development Labs will be on the fifth floor of the science center on Saturday mornings, and families are welcome to drop by and participate in one of our studies during their visit!


Research assistants Ellen Lesser and Jillian Roberts represent the Labs at the CT Science Center.



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