For Schools

Many of our studies are conducted at local elementary schools and daycare centers. Our studies are non-invasive and involve fun, age-appropriate games, and we always get written consent from parents beforehand. Each child receives a small prize for signing up.

We expect to return to conducting these studies in person when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  If you think your organization would like to get involved in our research, or if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch! You can email us at

 Preschool Directors & School Principals

What do I do with returned consent forms?

Please collect the consent forms, and once you are ready with them, you are welcome to call us at 860-685-3588 so we can schedule an appointment. Otherwise, we will follow up with you in a few weeks to figure out a time for a visit that will work for you.

How many visits will happen? How many studies will you do?

We are very flexible and can come in as often or as rarely as you like. In order to complete a study and best accommodate your schedule, we generally make between one and four short visits. Also, while the consent form may include many studies, we will not test every child on every study – instead, we will select one or two studies to bring into your school on our scheduled day.

What can I expect to happen during a visit?

Researchers from the Cognitive Development Lab will arrive at the scheduled time and will set up materials in a corner, side room or hallway. Once everyone’s ready to begin, the researchers will have students, one by one, participate in the study. Each study lasts between 5-20 minutes, and after the study we usually provide the child with a sticker. All participation is voluntary – students participate if they have written parental consent and agree to play.

Do the participating students get a reward?

All students who participate will be offered a sticker or small toy at the time of the study.

What happens after the study is completed?

Each spring, we deliver newsletters providing updates about the studies and letting you know what we have learned from your generous participation. We are also happy to provide you, your staff and parents free in-service training on current cognitive development research upon your request.

More questions? Call us at (860) 685-3588 or e-mail