For Undergraduates

Most studies in the Barth and Shusterman Labs are run by undergraduate researchers. Please see our newsletter if you’d like to find out more about our recent studies.

During the academic year, students usually work 8-10 hours per week for course credit or work-study pay. During the summer, full-time undergraduate researchers are supported through federal work-study funds and fellowships from Wesleyan’s Hughes, McNair, and Quantitative Analysis Center programs.

Open positions fill up quickly. New students are accepted into one of the Labs based on a match between the student’s interests and the research projects going on in the lab. Most students who join the Labs are known to the professors from previous classes in which they demonstrated exceptional intellectual and personal qualities, or come highly recommended by other faculty. Interested students are encouraged to sign up for Developmental Psychology or other courses taught by Professors Barth or Shusterman, and to contact the professors directly.

With rare exceptions, only students who have previously worked in the lab will be considered for theses in the Cognitive Development Labs. Students hoping to do theses should discuss the prospects by mid-junior year at the latest.

Questions? Please contact:

Erin Kim, Yellow Lab Coordinator: