CDL at SRCD Biennial Meeting 2017

The Cognitive Development Labs presented five posters at the 2017 SRCD Biennial Meeting. The conference was held from April 6th – 8th in Austin, Texas.

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BA/MA student Sheri Reichelson presented work done in collaboration with current lab coordinator Alexandra Zax, former lab coordinator Lonnie Bass, and Professors Andrea Patalano and Hilary Barth entitled “Partition Dependence in Children’s and Adults’ Decision-Making.” This is Reichelson’s masters project.

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Maxine Lai ’17 presented her work, “Do Holistic Number Representations Form Adults’ and Children’s Numerical Estimates?” with Lab Coordinator Alexandra Zax and Hilary Barth.

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Lab Coordinator Alexandra Zax presenting “Quantitative Models of Proportion Estimation Explain Numerical Estimation With and Without Anchors ” with Emily Slusser (post-doc, ’10-’12) and Hilary Barth.


Post-doc Pierina Cheung presents “Re-assessing the Give-A-Number Task as a Measure of Cardinal Principle Knowledge.” She also presented a poster entitled, “Counting and the acquisition of cardinality.”


Lab Directors Hilary Barth and Anna Shusterman each gave talks at the Spatial Cognition across development & the Malleability of Spontaneous Focus on Numerosity and its relation with specific mathematics skills, respectively. Hilary Barth’s talk was entitled, “Do Bayesian cognitive processes create our biased estimates?” and Anna Shusterman’s talk was entitled, “Acquisition of cardinality supports children’s attention to numerosity.”

Many presentations at the conference were authored by up-and-coming scientists who did undergraduate work in the Wesleyan Cognitive Development Labs, too! Here’s a sample of the work these alums (in bold) are doing now:

“Executive Function Predicts Intercept in Math, but Predicts Negative Slope”
Andrew Ribner ’14 (NYU), Eric Finegood (NYU), Michael Sulik (NYU), Clancy Blair (NYU)

“Executive Function Mediates the Negative Relation Between Television Viewing and Academic Skills in Early Childhood”
Andrew Riber ’14 (NYU), Caroline Fitzpatrick (Université Sainte-Anne), Clancy Blair (NYU)

“Extending the O-P Framework to Explain Kindergarten Math and Reading Achievements for Canadian Children”
Caroline Fitzpatrick (Université Sainte-Anne), Andrew Ribner ’14 (NYU), Caroline Fitzpatrick (Université Sainte-Anne), Clancy Blair (NYU)

“Behavioral Self-Regulation Mediates the Relation Between Background TV and Literacy Skills”
Deborah Linebarger (Purdue U), Andrew Ribner ’14 (NYU), Rachel Barr (Georgetown U), Matthew Lapierre (U of Arizona), Jessica Piotrowski (U of Amsterdam)

“Is it Scary or is She a Scaredy-Cat? The Development of Social Causal Attribution”
Rebecca Lange ’13 (Tufts U), Paul Muentener (Tufts U)

“Teacher stress in the early childhood workforce: Examining the unique contribution of workplace experiences”
Samantha Melvin ’13 (Columbia U), Kelsey Repka (Columbia U), Maria Castaner (Columbia U), Kimberly Noble (Columbia U), Helena Duch (Columbia U)

“An Integrated school readiness intervention: feasibility, fidelity, and implications for child outcomes”
Maria Castaner (Columbia U), Samantha Melvin ’13 (Columbia U), Kimberly Noble (Columbia U), Helena Duch (Columbia U)

“Teacher Stress and Curriculum Fidelity: Adherence to an Integrated School Readiness Intervention in Head Start Classrooms”
Kelsey Repka (Columbia U), Maria Castaner (Columbia U), Samantha Melvin ’13 (Columbia U), Kimberly Noble (Columbia U), Helena Duch (Columbia U)

“Representing magnitude to support arithmetic learning: Can linear cues of magnitude help?”
Joanna Schiffman ’11 (Boston College), Elida Laski (Boston College)

“Developmental Change in Magnitude Knowledge due to Familiarity with Numbers, Not Understanding of Scale”
Elida Laski (Boston College), Joanna Schiffman ’11 (Boston College)

“Exploratory Play in Preschoolers: Relating Play to Socioeconomic-Status, Cognition, and Neural Connectivity”
Julia Leonard ’11 (MIT), Rachel Romeo (Harvard U), Allyson Mackey (UPenn), Megumi Takada (MIT), Sydney Robinson (MIT), John Gabrieli (MIT), Laura Schulz (MIT)

“Cognitive and Neural Correlates of Mathematical Reasoning Differ by Math Proficiency”
Megumi Takada (MIT), Julia Leonard ’11 (MIT), Rachel Romeo (Harvard U), Sydney Robinson (MIT), Allyson Mackey (UPenn), John Gabrieli (MIT)

“Children’s Language Exposure Predicts Neural Structure and Function During Language Processing, Independent of SES”
Rachel Romeo (Harvard U), Julia Leonard ’11 (MIT), Sydney Robinson (MIT), Joshua Segaran (MIT), Meredith Rowe (Harvard U), Allyson Mackey (UPenn), John Gabrieli (MIT)

“How do Young Children Learn the Meanings of Number Words? New Insights from Training Studies”
Dominic Gibson’10 (U Chicago), Talia Berkowitz (U Chicago), Susan Levine (U Chicago)

“Math Anxiety and Parents’ Use of Number Words With Their Children”
Talia Berkowitz (U Chicago), Dominic Gibston ’10 (U Chicago), Joseph Monahan (U Chicago), Susan Levine (U Chicago)

“Eye movements provide insight into the development of analogical reasoning”
Ariel Starr ’07(UC Berkeley), Michael Vendetti (UC Berkeley), Mahesh Srinivasan (UC Berkeley), Silvia Bunge (UC Berkeley)

Former Shusterman lab coordinators Talia Berkowitz and Jessica Taggart, and former postdocs Mariah Schug and Emily Slusser also presented work at the conference:

“When There’s a Will and a Way: Does Children’s Enjoyment of ‘Just Thinking’ Depend on Contextual Framing and Executive Function?”
Jessica Taggart (UVA), Erin Westgate (UVA), Angeline Lillard (UVA), Timothy Wilson (UVA)

“Home Television Viewing and Children’s Empathy and Social Skills”
Jessica Taggart (UVA), Sierra Eisen (UVA), Angeline Lillard (UVA)

“Experience and Spatial Cognition: Childhood Navigational Experience Predicts Scores on the Mental Rotation Task in Two Societies”
Mariah Schug (Widener University), Erica Barhorst (U of Utah), Helen Davis (U of Utah), Jeanine Stefanucci (U of Utah), Sarah Creem-Regehr (U of Utah), Anna Olsen (U of the France Islands), Elizabeth Cashdan (U of Utah)

“Children’s Early Understanding of Number Words in Novel Contests”
Emily Slusser (San Jose State U), Tawni Stoop ’15, Angela Lo (Tufts U), Anna Shusterman