Blue Lab @ SRCD 2011

Christian Hoyos ’11 and Anna Shusterman’s work on landmark use in a disorientation task was presented at the Society for Research on Child Development Biennial Meeting, held in Montreal, QC, Canada from March 31 – April 2. Anna Shusterman and Emily Slusser, along with collaborators Justin Halberda and Darko Odic from JHU, also presented work on … Read more

Yellow Lab @ SRCD 2011

Undergraduates Anima Acheampong ’11, Rachel Santiago ’12, and Shipra Kanjlia ’12, lab alum Kyle MacDonald ’10, and lab coordinator Jennifer Garcia ’10 co-authored poster presentations at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) held in Montreal. Kyle MacDonald ’10 presented his thesis research at the SRCD conference. Current postdoc Emily Slusser, former postdoc Mariah Schug, and lab director Hilary Barth presented work at SRCD as well.

Lab Alum, Jess Sullivan, Published

Jess Sullivan ’08 is the author (with co-authors Barbara Juhasz, Tim Slattery, and Hilary Barth) of an article entitled “Adults’ number-line estimation strategies: evidence from eye movements” published in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Barth & Paladino Published

Annie Paladino ’09 is the co-author (with Hilary Barth) of a new journal article based on her Hughes program research fellowship. The article is called “The development of numerical estimation: Evidence against a representational shift,” and it appears in the journal Developmental Science.

Summer 2010 at the Yellow Lab

Five undergraduate students conducted research in the lab this summer, culminating in presentations at the annual Summer Research Poster Session. Anima Acheampong ’11 and Rachel Santiago ’12 presented a poster entitled “Developmental Change in Children’s Numerical Estimation”. Martine Seiden ’11 presented her research in a poster entitled “Implicit Proportional Reasoning in Four- and Five-Year Olds”. … Read more

Summer 2010 at the Blue Lab

Pictured above: Christian Hoyos ’11 presents his poster entitled ‘Direction-of-transfer effects in children’s map use” at the Annual Summer Research Poster Session. Christian Hoyos ’11, Mike Sandwick ’11, Adele Borden ’12, Lindsay Kenney ’12, and Julia Marroquín-Cerón ’12 worked in the blue lab over the summer, continuing our research on topics including children’s early number … Read more