CDL at the SRCD Biennial Meeting 2019

Last week was an exciting week for the Cognitive Development Labs! We presented two posters at the 2019 SRCD Biennial Meeting held March 21st – 23rd in Baltimore, Maryland. Professor Shusterman also gave a talk titled “Early knowledge of small number word meanings in toddlers”. The conference was attended by Post-doc Chenmu (Julia) Xing, lab manager Katherine Williams, and lab members Taylar Clark ’19 and Kaila Scott ’19.

Clark SRCD

Taylar Clark ’19 and lab manager Katherine Williams presented their work “Gender Differences in Digit Dependence in Numerical Estimation” in collaboration with post-doc Chenmu (Julia) Xing, lab member Esha Bhandari ’20, and Professor Hilary Barth.


Post-doc Chenmu (Julia) Xing presented her work titled, “Numerical estimation strategies are correlated with math ability in school-aged children”. This work was done in collaboration with former lab managers Alexandra Zax, Jessica Taggart, and Ilona Bass, former lab member Emilie George ’13, and Professor Hilary Barth.

Professor Anna Shusterman gave a talk titled “Early knowledge of small number word meanings in toddlers”

Many presentations at the conference were authored by former members of the Cognitive Development labs. Here’s a sample of some of the work these alums are doing now:

“Children’s Early Knowledge of Cardinal Number Gestures”
Dominic Gibson ’10 (U Chicago), Jacob Butts (U Chicago), Talia Berkowitz (U Chicago), Susan Goldin-Meadow (U Chicago), Susan Levine (U Chicago)

“Preschoolers Flexibily Adapt Their Gaze to Seek Information That Supports Language Comprehension and Word Learning”
Michael Frank (Stanford), Kyle MacDonald ’10 (Stanford), Virginia Marchman (Standford)

“Exploring Children’s Use of Discreteness, Stability, and Labels as Cues to Essentialize Novel Categories”
“Children Offer Situational Explanations for Gender-Stereotypical Behavior, but Personal Explanations for Other behavior”
Rebecca Peretz-Lange ’13 (Tufts U), Paul Muentener (Tufts U)

“Executive Function Facilitates Learning from Math Instruction”
Andrew Ribner ‘14 (NYU)

“Decomposing Arithmetic Learning: Exploring Factors that Influence the use of Decomposition Strategies”
Joanna Schiffman ’11 (Boston College), Elida Laski (Boston College)

“Children’s Semantic Knowledge Influences Visual Working Memory Capacity”
Ariel Starr ’07 (UC Berkeley), Mahesh Srinivasan (UC Berkeley), Silvia Bunge (UC Berkeley)

Former lab managers Jessica Taggart, and Ilona Bass, and former postdocs Emily Slusser also presented work at the conference:

“The Effects of Information Quality and Informants’ Knowledge on Evaluations of Under-Informative Pedagogy”
Ilona Bass (Rutgers U), Daniel Hawthorne (Datawallet), Noah Goodman (Stanford), Elizabeth Bonawitz (Rutgers U), Hyowon Gweon (Stanford)

“Digital Literacy Instructions in Early Elementary School: Affordances and Constraints in the Common Core Era”
Delnaz Hosseini (San Jose State U), Emily Slusser (San Jose State U)

“Parents’ Different Behavior During Pretend Versus Real Interactions With Children”
Jessica Taggart (U Virginia), Meghan Ellwood (U Virginia), Dermina Vasc (U Virginia), Sarah Chin (U Virginia), Angeline Lillard (U Virginia)