The Labs Present at the 2013 Meeting of the Society for Research in Cognitive Development

Members and alumnae of the Cognitive Development Labs presented posters about our current research projects at the Society for Research in Cognitive Development biennial meeting in Seattle, WA. Undergraduate Emilie George ’13, lab alums Deborah Cho ’12, Julia Leonard ’11 and Michaela Swee ’12, former post-doc Emily Slusser, previous lab coordinators Talia Berkowitz and Elizabeth Chase, and current lab coordinator Jessica Taggart co-authored posters:


The effects of friendly touch on compliance in children – Julia Leonard, Talia Berkowitz, Anna Shusterman

An investigation of numerical estimation, numerical acuity, and math ability – Hilary Barth, Emilie George, Jessica Taggart

Non-symbolic multiplication, division, and inversion in young children – Koleen McCrink, Hilary Barth

The power of play: Promoting preschoolers’ social and numerical development through independent play with toys – Emily Slusser, Elizabeth Chase, Talia Berkowitz, Emilie George, Michaela Swee, Deborah Cho, Hilary Barth, Anna Shusterman