Labs Present at Wes Psychology Research Poster Session

Members of both labs presented at this year’s Psychology Department Research Poster session at Wesleyan. Posters covered many of the Labs’ ongoing and completed projects.

Individual differences in probability weighting: Evidence from a gambling task – Jason Saltiel & Lily Kaplan (Advisors: Andrea Patalano & Hilary Barth)

How feedback improves children’s numerical estimation – Shipra Kanjlia (Advisor: Hilary Barth)

The power of play – Emilie George (Advisors: Hilary Barth, Anna Shusterman, & Emily Slusser)

Estimation bias in numerical and non-numerical spatial tasks – Isabel Bernstein, Ellen Lesser, Rachel Santiago, & Amy Toig (Advisors: Hilary Barth & Emily Slusser)

Developing research-based preschool math curriculum – Angela Lo, Andrew Ribner, Simoneil Sarbh, & Julia Vermeulen (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Navigation in children: using landmark-guided search and left-right language for reorientation – Taylor DeLoach & Samantha Melvin (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Cardinal principle training: Is it possible to teach abstract math concepts to kids? – Srotoshini Bhalobasha, Carolyn Mortell, & Theary Sokhom (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

The assessment of nonverbal numeracy – Mark Nakhla & Ariel Schwartz (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Drawing comparisons across children’s performance on numerical and proportion estimation tasks – Adele Borden, Martine Seiden, & Talia Berkowitz (Advisors: Hilary Barth, Emily Slusser, & Anna Shusterman)

Number development in oral deaf and typically hearing preschoolers – Rebecca Lange (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)