CDL Lab Members Travel to Louisville, KY for the 2019 CDS Biennial Meeting

The Cognitive Development Labs presented two posters at the 2019 CDS Biennial meeting held October 17th – 19th in Louisville, Kentucky. The labs were represented by Yellow Lab Members Sophie Charles ’20, lab alum Kerry Brew (BA ’18, MA ’19), lab coordinator Katherine Williams, former lab coordinator Alexandra Zax, and lab director Professor Hilary Barth.

Kerry Brew (BA ’18, MA ’19) and Professor Hilary Barth presented their work “Do Demand Characteristics Contribute to Minimal Ingroup Bias”. This work was done in collaboration with lab alums Taylar Clark (’19) and Jordan Feingold-Link (’17).

Sophie Charles ’20, current lab coordinator Katherine Williams, and former lab coordinator Alexandra Zax presented their work “The role of digit identity in 5- to 8-year-olds’ numerical estimates”. This work was done in collaboration with Professor Hilary Barth.

Many presentations at the conference were authored by former members of the Cognitive Development Labs. Here’s a sample of some of the work CDL alums are doing now:

Former Blue Lab Member Vivian Liu ’19 (NYU) gave a talk titled “What can we tell Children to improve their attitudes toward low-status groups”.

“Children’s perception of group membership-based transgressions” Vivian Liu ’19 (NYU) and Andrei Cimpian (NYU)

“Mapping among number words, number gestures, and nonsymbolic quantities”
Dominic Gibson ‘10 (U Chicago), Jake Butts (U Chicago), Susan Goldin-Meadow (U Chicago), and Susan Levine (U Chicago)

 “The role of causal theories of body size in the development of anti-fat bias” Rebecca Peretz-Lange ’13 (Tufts U) and Paul Muentener (Tufts U)

“Examining the roles of children’s attention and parent0child interaction quality on changes in children’s expressive vocabulary” Brianna McMillan (Temple U), Lillian Masek (Temple U), Sarah Paterson (Temple U), Andrew Ribner ’14 (U Pittsburgh), Roberta Golinkoff (U Delaware), Clancy Blair (NYU), and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek (Temple U)

“Exploring effects of an early math intervention: The importance of parent-child interaction” Andrew Ribner ‘14 (U Pittsburgh), Alex Silver (U Pittsburgh), Leanne Elliott (U Pittsburgh), and Melissa Libertus (U Pittsburgh)

“Let me do it myself: the relationship between intrusive behavior in adults and young children’s persistence” Julia Leonard ’11 (U Pennsylvania), Dominique Martinez (U Pennsylvania), Samantha Dashineau (Villanova), and Allyson Mackey (U Pennsylvania)

“Attentiveness and involvement in parent effortful behavior relates to children’s persistence” Dominique Martinez (U Pennsylvania), Julia Leonard ‘11 (U Pennsylvania), and Allyson Mackey (U Pennsylvania)

“Spatial metaphors facilitate word learning” Ariel Starr ’07 (U Washington), Alagia Cirolia (U California, Berkeley), and Mahesh Srinivasan (U California, Berkley)

“Relational reasoning is among the cognitive abilities that predict fraction understanding” Elena Leib (U California, Berkley), Ariel Starr ‘07 (U Washington), Jessica Wise Younger (U California, San Francisco), Melina Uncapher (U California, San Francisco), Silvia Bunge (U California, Berkley), and Project iLEAD Network

Former lab coordinators Jessica Taggart, Talia Berkowitz, Ilona Bass, and Sona Kumar, and former postdoc Emily Slusser also presented work at the conference:

“The influence of visualizing the group on children’s beliefs about group membership in STEM” Sona Kumar (Boston U), Samantha Barbero (Boston U), and Kathleen Corriveau (Boston U)

“Exploring parent-child math engagement in diverse populations” Nancy Pantoja (U Chicago), Emily Lyons (U Chicago), Talia Berkowitz (U Chicago), Christina Carrazza (U Chicago), Dominique Saviano (U Chicago), Karina Mojica (U Chicago), Lisa Rosen (U Chicago), and Susan Levine (U Chicago)

“Expectations about teaching styles shape inferences and exploration” Ilona Bass (Rutgers U), Patrick Shafto (Rutgers U), and Elizabeth Bonawitz (Rutgers U)

“Size versus number: Children’s early understanding of number words” Patrick Cravalho (San Jose State U), Sandra Arellano (San Jose State U), Giovanna De Leon (San Jose State U), Julia Doan (San Jose State U), Megan Foster (San Jose State U), Andrea Molina (San Jose State U), Adriana Montano (San Jose State U), and Emily Slusser (San Jose State U)

“Number understanding among Montessori preschool children” Abha Basargekar (U Virginia), Jessica Taggart (U Virginia), Dermina Vasc (U Virginia), and Angeline Lillard (U Virginia)

“Parents’ beliefs about the benefits of pretend play in early childhood” Jessica Taggart (U Virginia) and Angeline Lillard (U Virginia)