Summer ’12 at the Labs

This summer, the Labs worked on a variety of ongoing and new research projects. Our undergraduate research assistants presented their projects at the annual campus-wide Hughes Summer Program Poster Session:

Evaluating spatial bias in preschool-aged children – Jillian Roberts & Madeline Kidd (Advisor: Hilary Barth)

Implementing and comparing models of estimation bias in “R” – Adam Watson (Advisor: Hilary Barth)

Estimation bias in numerical and non-numerical spatial tasks in nine- and ten-year-olds and adults – Ellen Lesser (Advisors: Hilary Barth & Emily Slusser)

An investigation of numerical acuity, number line performance, and math ability – Emilie George (Advisor: Hilary Barth)

Numeracy and individual differences in probability weighting – Jason Saltiel (Advisors: Andrea Patalano & Hilary Barth)

The role of linguistic context in children’s acquisition of number words – Angela Lo (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Navigation in children: The effect of landscapes on spatial reorientation – Andrew Ribner & Samantha Melvin (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Children’s early understanding of the word “two” – Samantha Melvin (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Cardinal principle training: The effects of structured number learning – Srotoshini Bhalobasha (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Children’s higher number knowledge acquisition – Simoneil Sarbh (Advisor: Anna Shusterman)

Yellow Lab members at the Summer 2012 Research Poster Session: Jillian Roberts, Elizabeth Chase, Emilie George, Ellen Lesser, Madeline Kidd.