The Labs Present at the Cognitive Development Society Conference

Members of the Blue and Yellow Labs attended the 2011 Cognitive Development Society Conference in Philadelphia. Many Lab Alumnae were also in attendance, including Jess Sullivan, Julia Leonard, Dominic Gibson, Christian Hoyos, and Kyle MacDonald.

We presented multiple posters about our current research projects:

Drawing comparisons across children’s performance on numerical and proportion estimation tasks – Emily Slusser, Adele Borden, Martine Seiden, Hilary Barth, Anna Shusterman

Proportional reasoning and children’s number-line estimation: The role of feedback – Hilary Barth, Shipra Kanjlia, Emily Slusser, Jennifer Garcia, Elizabeth Chase

The development of number concepts in oral-deaf preschoolers – Anna Shusterman, Talia Berkowitz

The effect of supportive touch on compliance in pre-school aged children – Julia Leonard, Talia Berkowitz, Anna Shusterman

The ‘extent’ of children’s ability to understand the space/time metaphor – Carolyn Dahlgren, Talia Berkowitz, Anna Shusterman, Laura Wagner

Hilary Barth also organized a symposium, “New perspectives on developmental change in numerical estimation”,  collaborating with Sara Cordes (Boston College), Dale Cohen (University of North Carolina at Wilmingtom), and Barbara Sarnecka (University of California, Irvine)