Yellow Lab Seniors’ Research 2011

Martine Seiden ’11 completed her thesis research in the lab, and Anima Acheampong ’11, Rachel Santiago ’12, Shipra Kanjlia ’12, Mattie Liskow ’11, and Martine Seiden ’11 presented their work at the 2011 Psychology Department Poster Session.

2011 Thesis Projects

Julia Leonard ’11, pictured below, completed her senior thesis entitled “The effects of touch on compliance in preschool-age children” and presented her work at the NSM poster session on April 19. Christian Hoyos ’11 also completed work on his senior thesis entitled “Children’s use of landmark information in maps” and Lauren Feld ’11 completed her … Read more

Blue Lab @ SRCD 2011

Christian Hoyos ’11 and Anna Shusterman’s work on landmark use in a disorientation task was presented at the Society for Research on Child Development Biennial Meeting, held in Montreal, QC, Canada from March 31 – April 2. Anna Shusterman and Emily Slusser, along with collaborators Justin Halberda and Darko Odic from JHU, also presented work on … Read more