Wesleyan Preschool Math Games 2022-2023

We are currently recruiting preschools to participate in a playful learning program for young children.

1-2 trained, competent and enthusiastic undergraduate volunteer will visit the classroom 2-3 times a week for 1-2 hours with research-based math games to engage children in playful math learning.


About the project

We are systematically testing our new, research-based, developmentally appropriate, conceptually rich, flexible, and fun collection of mathematical games that can be incorporated into any classroom.

Who is eligible?

  • We are considering all preschools and childcare centers within 3 hours driving distance of Middletown, CT for this project. We will only be able to launch this year’s study with a selected group.

  • We are especially looking for schools with at least 2 classrooms to participate. The 2 classrooms must be comparable, meaning the classrooms are not separated by age or ability. For example, your school may have 2 mixed age classrooms or 2 classrooms of 4 year olds. 

What will participating classrooms do?

  • Classrooms will be randomly assigned to different types of math interventions or to a control condition. All classrooms that do not get the math intervention at the beginning of the year will receive the games at the end of the year. Both intervention classrooms and control classrooms will be matched with volunteers.

  • Classrooms in the intervention group will be matched with 1-2 trained undergraduate volunteer who will bring math games along with play instructions in the fall of 2022. 

  • Classrooms in the control group will be matched with trained undergraduate volunteers who will bring fun and engaging learning activities in the fall of 2022. These classrooms will receive the math games in the spring of 2023. 

  • A team of researchers will visit all the classrooms in the fall to get a baseline assessment of children’s math abilities and again in the spring for a post-intervention assessment. This allows us to see how children’s math skills develop over the course of the year and how our intervention impacts children’s learning.

  • Throughout the year, a small group of researchers will come in to record 3-4 play sessions in the classroom at an agreed upon time.

Benefits for participating classrooms and teachers

  • Classrooms will receive:

    • a competent and enthusiastic volunteer who has received early numeracy training to engage students in playful math learning

    • a full set of 12 research-based math games

Where can I learn more?

  • For more information about this research, visit this blog.

  • If your school would like to participate, or learn more about participating, please respond using this link.

  •  Contact Research Coordinators Remi or Andi at the Cognitive Development Lab.

What happens next?

Please click here to let us know that you may be interested in participating. We will collect some basic information. We will reply to all schools who contact us. We will select diverse schools based on our research criteria. We will follow up with participating schools to prepare for the October launch.

Our goal is to eventually provide all interested schools with access to math games and training over the course of the project. We will keep in touch with you as we roll out different parts of the curriculum.